Some Bridal Show tips for brides & Vendors

April 28, 2009

I've collected some tips for vendors and brides because i'm looking to do my first bridal show this September (stay tuned for details on when and where you can come and see us!).

  • Set up an email address for your wedding. is a great way to collect vendor info without flooding your regular email address.
  • Make up address labels with the wedding email, your mailing address, and phone number so that you can easily fill out those raffle tickets and vendor info cards at the show.
  • Bring one or two people with you but not a crowd. It can get confusing and it will feel like you have to entertain them all night.
  • Bring a camera or take pictures with your phone so that you can keep good ideas on file!

  • Make sure that you can receive leads from the show and find out whether you will get an electronic copy/printouts/ etc.
  • find out if they will charge for electric/whether there will be an outlet or extension cords available.
  • how big will your table be?
  • What kind of traffic will the show recieve?
  • Have some interesting giveaways! (Some Ideas: company monogramed sweets or other items, something blue, a hot electronic to raffle off like a digital photo frame..)
  • Check out the space! What will the traffic flow be like? Will brides be able to come back to your table after the show/at the end of the evening?
Please add your own thoughts and suggestion in the comments!


Sonja Wright said...

Great ideas and I've been doing shows for years! Thank you for this info.

Angela said...

Great list! Simple and straight to the point. Here's one I didn't think of until I read, "What kind of traffic will the show receive?" on your list. Ask the show producers where they will be advertising and how frequently - this is good for smaller/new bridal shows.

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