Our Fabulous Friends- Ketubah Art by Moshe Mikanovsky

July 14, 2009

Ketubah Art by Moshe Mikanovsky

Another friend we've made on Twitter! These Ketubah designs by visual artist Moshe Mikanovsky are so pretty! For my own wedding we opted for something a little different but these are great for those who want a piece of original painted art!

Originals and custom design commissions are available through the artist, as well as giclee prints available by KetubahKetbuah. Creator of the 2odiac Ketubah, a unique and first of its kind Ketubah which is especially customized to include both bride and groom’s Zodiac signs. The Ketubah text and both Zodiac signs are connected to each other in an everlasting cycle motion. Parents'/Grandparents' Gift and Home Blessing prints are also available using the same Ketubah artwork.

For customs designs, visit http://www.mikanovsky.com/gallery/ketubah/ketubahs.html »

For Zodiac Ketubahs, visit http://www.ketubah.com/search/index.cfm/cat/Artist/subcat/1099/Mikanovsky-Moshe/?amaffid=12508&amsiteid=12508 »



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