Vendor Spotlight- Something Spectacular Custom Floral Design

April 22, 2009

I was glad to meet Kim of Something Floral Design through Twitter and she introduced me to her company. She specializes in creating gorgeus silk/artificial floral bouquets and ships them all over the US!

There are many reasons why brides would and should consider artificial flowers.

  • Something Spectacular Custom Floral Design's prices are sometimes even more affordable than the real things
  • If you are allergic to real flowers
  • Your favorite fresh flowers are out of season or unavailable for your wedding date.
  • The event is in a very hot location or time of year when fresh flowers quickly wilt.
  • Brides might want to a keepsake after the wedding.
  • Perfect for destination or cruise weddings!

When asked what sets them apart from other floral designers, Kim said:

Besides the quality of the materials we use, our other advantage is quality of the construction (to withstand travel and years of enjoyment on display) and design of our products. As owner and lead designer, I have a formal education in floral design, fine art, visual design, interior design, and communications.

To me, floral design is an art form that I am very passionate about, and we take the time to design and construct each item to be well balanced in color, scale, texture, proportion, etc.—all the formal principles of good visual design. Without formal art and design training and education, a designer is just a designer, and without good design, a floral arrangement is just an arrangement. We believe that every client deserves outstanding flowers that are truly worthy of their special day. We're skilled and trained artisans who create floral artistry and not just designers who create arrangements.

We here at Creative Custom Cardboxes think you should definitely check out this fantastic company! Click here to check them out!

Here is a quick sneak peek at how some lovely floral bouquets can coordinate perfectly with our cardboxes!

We'd also like to thank Kim for posting such a lovely feature of Creative Custom Cardboxes on her blog...check it out!

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