Our Fabulous Friends - Our Twitter Friend circle keeps growing!

March 18, 2009

I just have to gush again about how wonderful Twitter is! I've met so many wonderful professionals that are so willing to help get the word out about our fantastic products! As the list of friends grows, so will this post!


I had a long talk (on the phone! Shock!) with the extremely charming Marcinho of SavvyPlanners.com. He and I have many things in common including both being professional, classically trained singers and voice teachers! Its so funny who you can meet on a social media site.

SavvyPlanners.com are a full service GLBTI and traditional wedding planning organization. They stand up for equal rights for all who love each other and I think they are fabulous!

was kind enough to blog about our custom made cardboxes so check out the post on their blog HERE!

Simply Perfect Weddings

Simply Perfect Weddings is a wedding and event planning co. based out of Pittsburgh, PA. We met Sumer on twitter and are so glad that we did! She was kind enough to write a very complimentary blog post about us today! Check it out here!

Budget Brides Blog

We've been conversing with Bethany of the Budget Brides Blog for a few weeks on Twitter and she was kind enough to host our custom card box Giveaway! She is a very talented writer and we found that we live quite near each other. Again, its funny who you can meet in cyberspace! Check out her blog! If you are planning a wedding and want some creative ways to save money, she's your gal!

Diva Toolbox

Diva Toolbox is a really great website full of resources for women, by women.
Fast growing website to empower, educate and inspire women with the information they need to succeed!

They were also kind enough to tell us they loved our designs and artistry and blogged about us HERE. Check it out!

The WeddingDiva

I recently created a lovely emerald green and purple card box for Linyette of Premier Event Management after she told me she'd love to have one for an event she was working on. It was my pleasure to get super creative and brainstorm over email with her. You may have seen this fabulous fete-fatale (yes I made up the term, wanna fight about it?) on "Who's Wedding Is It Anyway"!

Linyette wrote an absolutely lovely post about us that made us get a little misty! Check out her great blog here!


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